What We offer

skilled nursing services in a long-term care community

At Princeton Health Care Center, we provide the best residential care homes for elderly who don’t need to be in a hospital but cannot be cared for at home. We are much more than a nursing home by offering skilled nursing services in a long-term care community. Our staff engages with you as if you were family, friends, or neighbors.

Long Term Care

Physician Services

Activity Services

Wound Management

Nutritional Consultants

Physical Therapy

Speech Therapy

Intravenous Therapy

Respiratory Care

Beauty and Barber Salon

Occupational Therapy

Social Services

Pain Management

Hospice Care

Emergency Generator

The vital care you or your loved one needs is largely provided on-site.

Our Services

much more than a nursing home

Long-term care is at the heart of all we do; in and through this we address the therapeutic and daily needs of you or your loved one.

Physical therapy and occupational therapy build strength, dexterity, and mental acuity, while also helping seniors maintain their independence and happiness.

Speech therapy aids in recovery and rehabilitation after surgery, injury, or medical treatments that interfere with speech and swallowing.

Physician services are provided by our on-staff medical director and complement of skilled staff.

Social services are offered via social workers who assist and advocate for our residents.

Intravenous therapy allows for frequent and precise dosing of critical medications.

Nutritional consultants plan nutritious and delicious meals tailored to individual residents’ needs.

Pain management addresses pain at the source as part of our aim to preserve our residents’ psychological and physical well-being. Wound management addresses complex and hard-to-heal wounds in order to restore health and function.

Respiratory Care encompasses both diagnostics and treatment options for common respiratory ailments.

Hospice care that assists the transition from curing to caring, with a focus on the resident’s dignity, as well as their and their family’s emotional and spiritual well-being.

HealthCare Fees & Charges

Princeton Health Care Center strives to keep our fees at the lowest level and still provide the highest quality services, maintain regulatory compliance, and meet the needs of our residents. Whether you’re looking for long-term care or social activities, learn more about our pricing and the best fit for you.