Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Overview

Occupational therapy assists individuals in adapting to their social and physical environments to maximize their functional potential. Read on to learn how Princeton Health Care Center can help you understand the benefits of our occupational therapy programs.

Occupational therapy can pick up where physical therapy leaves off or can be a therapeutic approach in its own right. This works with people who have a specific amount of strength and focuses on improving motor skills. It’s a common aspect of rehabilitation, but it’s also used to counteract or prevent some of the effects of aging.

Some OT services utilized by our therapists include:

  • Education and training in activities of daily living
  • Activities for memory, orientation, and cognitive integration
  • Adaptive strategies or equipment to overcome physical disabilities
  • Strengthening and coordination techniques
  • Specialized exercise and modalities to aid in joint protection
  • ACP’s specialized treatment programs and devices/modalities improve clinical practice and therapist retention through advanced training and positive outcomes.

Occupational Therapy at Princeton Health Care Center

As we age, it’s not uncommon for things not to work as well as they once did. We may never again have the strength, flexibility, or resilience we had in our twenties, but that doesn’t mean we cannot improve our lives by making the most of the bodies we have right now. Princeton Health Care Center has helped countless Mercer County WV seniors enjoy a life worth living, so call us today to see how we can help you or the ones you love.

The Benefits of Occupational Therapy

Now that you know what occupational therapy does, it’s worth considering how it benefits the recipient.

Besides often being home-bound by functional and mobility limitations, seniors with mobility issues also experience frustration. Nevertheless, the help of occupational therapy enables patients to regain independence and live a meaningful life.

Life isn’t as enjoyable when you cannot do as much as you used to. If you miss quality time with your grandkids, a night out with friends or loved ones, or just the freedom to putter in your workshop when you feel like it, occupational therapy can help you return to those activities. What’s more, everyday activities like cooking, dressing, and showering can happen on your terms and time.

Limited physical activity can also isolate us from feeling part of a community. Whether it’s bingo night, a sewing circle, your rosary society, or laughing over coffee and donuts with friends, staying active helps your mind, as much as your body, stay fit.

Who We Assist

Princeton Health Care Center provides occupational therapy to complement our other treatment and skilled nursing services. It is an ideal follow-on from physical therapy to our speech therapy services — especially for those recovering from stroke or serious injury. Aging brings a number of challenges, and we are both staffed and equipped to address them with skill.