Physician Services

Physician Services Overview

The on-staff medical director and attending physicians here at Princeton Health Care Center in Princeton, West Virginia help us provide comprehensive physician services. The dedication of our staff is the key to success here at our skilled nursing facility.

Our staff is well-versed in tending to the needs of seniors. They provide several essential services to our residents.

Initial Patient Care

When patients arrive at Princeton Health Care Center, our staff performs comprehensive health assessments of their physical and mental well-being. That assessment includes an in-person introduction and exam. The information gathered in this initial meeting will be combined with the patient’s entire medical history. This consists of recent medical history, underlying health conditions, current and former medications, and other pertinent information. If the resident maintains a physician outside of our skilled nursing facility, we’ll work hand-in-hand with them to develop a joint medical protocol. It’s a comprehensive physician services approach that helps us provide quality care to our residents throughout their time here.

Ongoing Patient Care

Beyond this initial assessment, our on-staff physicians regularly work with residents to provide ongoing care and support. Intravenous therapy, pain management, respiratory care, wound management, long-term care, physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy are provided here at Princeton Health Care Center.

Our staff helps execute each resident’s health protocol through regular visits with patients. Ongoing progress notes provide a clear picture of a resident’s health improvements over time.  This healthcare team also adjusts for progress made or setbacks experienced so that each resident consistently receives the support they need.

This easy access to patients allows us to take an active role in their health and well-being. Our residents get the care they need right here and access our staff when they have questions or concerns. Because of the proximity of care providers and care recipients, residents tend to make real strides after moving into Princeton Health Care Center. Thus, it also provides peace of mind to loved ones whose family members exhibit high-risk medical concerns.

This close proximity also provides peace of mind to loved ones whose family members exhibit high-risk medical concerns.

Coordination of Outside Patient Care

Our staff also helps coordinate patient care with outside physicians and specialists. Just as we assess information from outside physicians when a resident first comes to our facility, we provide all of the relevant information to any new caregivers patients may begin to see during their time here. Our number one priority is to make sure nothing falls through the cracks and that everyone who provides medical care to our residents is on the same page.

Support of Patients After Discharge

Should a patient need to be transferred to another facility, our staff serves as an easily accessible source of information to the care team that will be taking over the patient’s health and well-being. Rather than taking a passive role, we actively follow-up with the new care providers and make sure they have all the necessary information to continue providing appropriate care.

Here at Princeton Health Care Center, residents and their loved ones trust in our staff to provide comprehensive physician services.