Intravenous Therapy

What Is Intravenous Therapy?

When you have a prescribed medication, your doctor must also determine the most effective method for administering that medication. For example, many medications are intended to be taken orally, either in pill or liquid form. There are also medications that are most effective when allowed to dissolve under the tongue or injected in a single shot. Intravenous therapy is used for medications that benefit from a sustained infusion directly into the patient’s bloodstream.

Intravenous therapy is a common method of medicine administration, especially in the hospital or clinical setting. During therapy, an IV delivers an infusion that contains the proper dosage of medication directly into the patient’s bloodstream via a small needle that is inserted into a vein. An IV pump regulates the flow of the medication solution that is delivered to the patient.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with an illness or have a medical condition that requires you to take medication on a regular basis, the management of that medication is important to your health and even your quality of life. Depending on the type of medication that is prescribed, your doctor may decide that you’re a candidate for intravenous (IV) therapy.

If IV therapy is an option for you, it’s important to understand what treatment involves and why you’ll want to trust your care in the hands of Princeton Health Care Center, a trusted provider of intravenous therapy services.

Why Princeton Health Care Center?

Princeton Health Care Center provides you with top-notch medical care during your treatment while ensuring that you are comfortable, relaxed, and completely at ease. If you’ve been prescribed intravenous therapy, we’re the team of compassionate, skilled health care providers who will go the extra mile in administering and supporting your medical treatment plan.


There are several options available for patients that have been prescribed intravenous therapy. Most hospitals offer IV therapy services as well as some walk-in clinics. It’s important to remember that intravenous therapy is a medical procedure that demands the care and attention of qualified medical personnel. As a skilled nursing care facility, we at Princeton Health Care Center, take every measure to ensure that your Intravenous infusion is safe, effective, and comfortable.

IV therapy is prescribed for many reasons and there are many benefits for patients who receive their medications via infusion in a qualified care center.

  • IV therapy is the fastest route of delivery for medication.
  • IV therapy increases the bioavailability of the medications you take.
  • Effects and benefits of medication are experienced faster when administered through intravenous infusion.
  • Since many medications cause digestive upset, intravenous therapy reduces many typical side effects.
  • Treatment is administered in a relaxing environment, allowing the patient to focus on healing.
  • Patients have the benefit of continual care from medical professionals in the event of an adverse reaction to the medication.
  • Many medications have an insufficient uptake when administered via other routes. IV therapy maximizes the effectiveness of your medical treatment.