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Respiratory Care

ABOUT Respiratory THerapy

Respiratory disorders and diseases can happen to anyone, at any time or age. We’ve all had sinus infections after a cold or a harsh allergy season, and others may suffer from a wide range of ailments brought on by our work, lifestyle choices, or genetics. Older individuals can find respiratory issues especially challenging, since these can often present with other diseases or disorders, as the result of certain medical treatments, or because our immune systems simply aren’t as efficient as they used to be. Princeton Health Care Center offers respiratory care alongside our extensive roster of medical services for seniors in the Princeton, WV area.

Respiratory Diseases and Disorders

There are dozens of respiratory diseases and disorders, with a long list of causes. However, there are certain respiratory problems that seem more frequent for seniors:

Pneumonia requires early detection and aggressive treatment. We encourage you to take advantage of the annual pneumonia vaccine since it can be fatal if left untreated for too long.

Influenza (the flu) is another disease that can often be prevented with a vaccination, and another disease that wreaks havoc with individuals’ respiratory systems.

Lung cancer doesn’t simply interfere with breathing and quality of life. It metastasizes to other organs and systems, which is one reason it’s the leading cause of cancer death. While smoking is a prime culprit, non-smokers exposed to radon, asbestos, or second-hand smoke may also be vulnerable.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is not a discrete disease, but rather a class of diseases that result in obstructed airways. While some of these diseases — like chronic bronchitis — can arise at any stage of life, others (like emphysema) aren’t usually seen until middle age or later.

Asthma can result from poor air quality, genetics, and allergens. While we usually think of asthma as something that starts early in life, there’s also adult-onset asthma that may not emerge until an individual is much older.

Respiratory Therapy at Princeton Health Care Center

Princeton Health Care Center employs professional respiratory therapists who use cutting-edge techniques and equipment to provide a high level of care to our patients. As with other medical care we provide — including physical therapy, pain management, occupational therapy, and more — your respiratory care will often be part of a comprehensive care plan concerned with restoring an individual to full health. If you or an elderly loved one requires skilled respiratory care, schedule a consultation today.

How We Help

Princeton Health Care Center takes a team approach to senior care. Our respiratory therapists start by diagnosing breathing disorders through a battery of tests that may include breathing tests, blood work, tissue samples, and X-rays. From there, a treatment plan is formulated; the approach varies depending on the kind and severity of the disorder but may include supplemental oxygen, bronchodilators, antibiotics, and steroids or other anti-inflammatories.

Because shortness of breath and low blood oxygen content can interfere with quality of life, and with physical function — which, in turn, can lead to depression, loss of mobility, and a host of other problems — shirking respiratory care is never a good idea. Take care of your lungs and you’ll breathe easier.

Who We Help

Princeton Health Care Center has served seniors in the Princeton, WV area for more than three decades. What began as a skilled nursing facility would eventually become the first residential dementia care unit in West Virginia, and would further expand to encompass a wide range of treatments and services. Much has changed over the years, but the core of our mission — improving the lives of West Virginia seniors with skill, caring, and compassion — has not.