Questions to Ask When Looking for a Skilled Nursing Facility

Making the decision to place a parent or spouse in a skilled nursing facility is never easy. While some people are able to age in place with the assistance of family, friends, and part-time professionals, this is not possible for all seniors. If there is no one available to help regularly or your loved one begins to have difficulty with Activities Of Daily Living (ADLs) such as dressing, bathing, and feeding, it is probably time to look for long-term care options. Once you have used available resources to form a viable list, a virtual or in-person tour will help you get a better feel for each center, but some aspects of the care provided will not be obvious. Make sure to ask any skilled nursing facilities you are considering the following questions.

Is the facility accepting new residents?

Because many people plan ahead for the possibility that they or their family members will need long-term care in the future, many skilled nursing facilities offer tours and information when they do not actually have openings. It is important to know how many beds the facility has, how long the waiting list is, and how long it usually takes to get a space.

What are your visitation policies?

Visitation procedures vary widely between skilled nursing care facilities. It is important for residents in long-term care to maintain connections with friends and family members whenever possible, so knowing any limitations on the number of visitors or duration of visits will help you determine whether a facility can meet your needs. Also, many facilities have adjusted their visitation policies temporarily to meet public health needs and you will want to ensure that you feel comfortable with the precautions being taken for safety.

What types of professionals are on staff?

It is crucial that all residents of long-term care facilities continue to receive any medical or supplemental care they were getting before entering the center. If your loved one suffers from or is prone to a certain type of illness, you will want to know about and possibly meet with, any professionals on staff that offer those services. Some centers offer only very basic living arrangements while others have physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists right there on the premises.  While most skilled nursing facilities ensure that care is received, it is much more convenient to have all members of the patient’s medical team in one place for the best continuity of care.

What activities are offered for residents?

Medical care is only a small portion of life at a skilled nursing facility. Your loved one will benefit from having an active social life as well. If there are specific activities or passions they have developed throughout their life, it would be beneficial for them to continue those pursuits. Ask about any classes, holiday routines, and field trips that residents regularly participate in, as well as any restrictions in place for those who may take part in such activities. Also, inquire about any additional services a facility may provide that sets them apart from other long-term care centers. Gyms, hair salons, social services, and other extras may be of particular interest to your senior.

Finding The Right Skilled Nursing Facility

If you are looking for a skilled nursing facility that offers speech, occupational, and physical therapy, plentiful activities, beautician services, and all of the comforts of home, Contact Princeton Health Care Center.  Whether your loved one needs long-term care or short-term rehabilitation following an illness or injury, PHCC could offer the solution in a warm and home-like environment.