Tips and Tricks for Staying Active in the Winter

Much like bears, many people tend to hibernate during the winter months. Colder temperatures make going outside less appealing and it may seem more comfortable to curl under a blanket and watch television or read a book. While these activities can be very enjoyable, remaining active has many benefits that extend beyond the physical. In other skilled nursing care facilities, residents can spend up to 65% of their time alone in their rooms, which can exacerbate existing health conditions; however, this is not the case at PHCC! Princeton Health Care Center offers many options to keep our residents happy and healthy all year round.

Benefits Of Staying Active In A Long-Term Care Facility

Many seniors in long-term care facilities have physical or cognitive impairments, but it is important not to let those obstacles keep them from remaining active. In addition to the obvious benefits of exercise such as strength and weight management, keeping some sort of fitness plan going helps the body and mind in other ways as well. For those who are living with injury or mobility issues, an occupational therapist can help create a plan that increases the ability to perform activities of daily living. Well-planned exercise also strengthens bones and improves balance, reducing the risk of slips and falls that many older adults are prone to. Physicians working with individuals in skilled nursing care recommend regular exercise as a way to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. People who follow a regular fitness routine also tend to sleep better and have more energy for the things they love, improving mental health. Even less rigorous physical activity can help by serving as a reason to get out into the world alongside other people, leading to less isolation and more socialization during a stage of life when social circles begin to dwindle.

Ideas For Staying Active In Winter

At Princeton Health Care Center, we understand that staying physically and mentally fit is crucial to overall well-being. Between winter weather and coronavirus concerns, strolls in the community and field trips may not be easy right now, but we still stay active with a full activities calendar to meet the diverse needs of our residents. Group indoor exercise classes with holiday and winter themes can be easily adapted to all levels and coordinated with our staff physical therapy team. Charades and singalongs get the body moving and encourage residents to venture out of their rooms and have fun with their neighbors. For individuals who cannot engage in such physical activities, bingo, crafts, and puzzle time allow for leisurely strolls to other parts of the PHCC campus where they can socialize with old and new friends and staff members. For residents who want to keep their brains young and active, we offer trivia contests with a variety of topics. There is no reason to be lonely or bored at Princeton Health Care Center, no matter what Mother Nature brings us!

Join A Quality Long-Term Care Facility

If the fear of isolation is the main thing keeping you or a loved one from benefiting from the support offered by a skilled nursing facility, contact Princeton Health Care Center today. Our professional and compassionate staff work hard all year long to ensure that our residents lead happy, fulfilling, and healthy lives.