Seniors who move to a skilled nursing facility are more involved in social activities than those who are not. This is because there are more caregiving resources in skilled nursing facilities than at home. The facility helps seniors’ healthcare needs and provides an active lifestyle in physical and social engagements. So, if you’re looking for activities for seniors to help address their medical needs, a skilled nursing facility is the perfect place for them. Some facilities have a specific team called the Activities Department for planning and scheduling activities for residents. To learn more about senior care, below are some social activities organized by a skilled nursing facility.

Indoor and Outdoor Events

Indoor and outdoor events are always included in the programs of skilled nursing facilities. Staff from the facility plan different activities for the entire year for seniors to enjoy programs specifically made for them. Most indoor and outdoor activities include:
  • Fitness Exercises. Residents can improve their physical well-being through exercises like chair yoga to strengthen their physical and mental health. This exercise works on hand-eye coordination and enhances primary muscles such as those in the arms and core.
  • Arts and Crafts Classes. Art serves as a therapy for residents. Doing some arts and crafts helps seniors improve their mood and enhance their intellectual abilities to express their creativity and artistry through artwork.
  • Beauty and Barber Salons. Skilled nursing facilities also provide grooming for residents of the facility. They make the services available so that your loved ones always look and feel good without going outside the facility to get a  trim, haircut, coloring, or perm.

Family Visitations

Visitors are allowed in a skilled nursing facility. A healthcare facility doesn’t take away the chance for residents to be with their loved ones from time to time, especially on events and occasions. The facility also aims to maintain and value the strong relationship between the residents and their families.

Birthday Celebrations

Celebrating special occasions involving residents, particularly birthdays, is part of the activities for seniors in a skilled nursing facility. It’s a joy for someone to be remembered on their special day, despite being away from home and under the supervision of healthcare professionals.

Contact a Skilled Nursing Facility Near You

Residents for both short-term rehab and long-term care get to experience every activity prepared for them in the skilled nursing facility. So, if it’s about the welfare of a family member, always choose to contact us at Princeton Health Care Center more advanced professional care and social activities for the elderly in Princeton, WV.