Is Intravenous Therapy More Beneficial to Seniors Taking Medication?

At Princeton Health Care Center, we have been serving the needs of seniors in southern West Virginia since 1981. We are proud to offer specialized care to patients suffering from conditions that have advanced to the point where they are unsafe at home or have no one who can care for them appropriately. We are much more than a nursing home and offer skilled nursing services in a long-term care community, as well as short-term rehabilitation.

Residents can arrive at our facility with an extensive list of current medications. These prescriptions have often been written by several different providers. Pre-existing prescriptions benefit from a comprehensive review by our on-staff medical team to ensure that dosage times and delivery methods are carefully considered and optimized to improve both efficacy and patient quality of life.


Benefits of Intravenous Medicine versus Oral Dosage

Residents of our long-term care facility sometimes face challenges in taking their needed medications. Under the oversight of qualified medical professionals, intravenous medicine offers the following advantages to patients: 

  • Intravenous therapy offers a faster absorption rate and enhanced bioavailability of the medicine being delivered, which alleviates targeted symptoms more thoroughly and without the patient having to wait for relief.
  • Dosages can be more precisely titrated when using this method of delivery, allowing for more effective treatment of conditions that impact health, wellness, and quality of life.
  • Many of the medications that our residents rely upon are, unfortunately, the cause of significant digestive upset. Intravenous therapy can reduce or eliminate this unpleasantness, along with many other side effects of commonly prescribed medication.
  • In case of an adverse reaction to any medication, residents have immediate access to our in-suite care team for rapid response.
  • Certain short-term medications, like antibiotics, are significantly more effective when delivered via the intravenous route. This is important to ensure that any infections are quickly targeted and eliminated.


Why Consider Switching to Intravenous Therapy?

Though IV therapy can, under certain conditions, be delivered to patients in a home setting, transitioning to skilled nursing care at Princeton Health Care Center offers a wider opportunity for the selection of this option, due to the presence of our highly-skilled, dedicated providers who administer this care in a supportive and caring environment.

Choosing to switch to intravenous care should be discussed with your loved one’s care provider. Princeton Health Care Center has a medical director with the experience and qualifications to advise on specifics regarding each case. While there is no universal solution for effective patient care and medication management, examining the potential benefits of converting some of your loved one’s current medication regime can lead to a litany of benefits that will improve safety, decrease adverse effects, and increase wellness and quality of life.


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