Infection Control Nurse

Job Opening

Infection Control Nurse

Reports To: Director of Staff Development, Administrator and Director of Nursing

Job Summary: Evaluates resident care and resident outcomes as they relate to health-care associated infections; collects, prepares, and analyzes health-care associated infection data and makes recommendations for action. Is accountable for the infection prevention and control activities for this facility. Monitor employees’ compliance in the use of barriers and infection prevention measures. Serves as a resource to all departments and personnel.


1. Holds a current state license as a Registered Nurse.

2. Experience in a Long-Term-Care Facility

3. Ability to develop policies and procedures.

4. Ability to teach and evaluate clinical performance.

5. Be willing and able to provide both RN “on call” coverage and RN Manager on a rotating basis.

6. May be required to serve as a floor nurse when necessary.

7. Experience with computers is mandatory. i.e. Microsoft word, Excel, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Do ongoing monitoring and documentation of healthcare-associated infections.
  2. Identify infection control problems and make recommendations for corrective action.
  3. Monitor infection control practices and employee compliance.
  4. Initiate and revise infection control practices as necessary and evaluate employee compliance.
  5. Conduct outbreak investigation and initiate control measures.
  6. Report communicable diseases to the state as required by law.
  7. Weekly report to local health department as recommended.
  8. Initiate follow-up on employee/resident exposures to communicable diseases.
  9. Participate in short and long-range planning for the infection control program.
  10. Review of all departments’ infection control practices.
  11. Reasonably monitor and maintain staff consistent assignments to aid in identifying an infection control issue.
  12. Communicate with staff and residents on a routine basis to aid in identifying early illness.
  13. Initiate and complete acute and chronic UTI care plans.
  14. Calculate rates of infection for comparison.
  15. Establish and maintain a rapport with the Medical Director.
  16. Complete Flowsheets for the Medical Director as required or requested. i.e. UTI Antibiogram, Urine pH Log, etc.
  17. Maintain Admission Room Placement Running Logs. i.e MRSA, VRE, CDT, CRE, ESBL, etc.
  18. Review Admission paper work to determine immunization and screening status.
  19. Provide infection control rounds with staff and residents to ensure the highest quality of care is provided. i.e. Handwashing, dressing change, eye drop administration, etc.
  20. Promote and Manage Immunizations and screenings. i.e. PPD, Influenza, Hepatitis B, Pneumococcal, etc.
  21. Maintain Needlestick Injury Log and report as required.
  22. Reviews findings related to employee safety as related to accident and incident reports and other health and concerns.
  23. Monitors compliance with OSHA standards for employee health and safety.
  24. Remain current on new developments by attending professional institutions, reading professional journals and attending seminars.
  25. Provide direct staff education as needed re: new policies and procedures and staff training re: new equipment.
  26. Provide direct hands on nursing education for nursing procedures i.e. demonstration of techniques and ensure that nursing performs return demonstration.
  27. Serve on various committees of the facility as required or appointed.
  28. Assists in providing direct care to residents in times of need.
  29. Work beyond normal working hours and on weekends / holidays if necessary.
  30. Works during dayshift hours and/or at other times as needed.
  31. Other duties as assigned.
Physical and Sensory Requirements:

(With or without aid of mechanical devices)

  1. Must be able to move intermittently throughout the work day.
  2. Must function independently, have flexibility, and the ability to work effectively with residents, personnel, and support agencies.
  3. Must meet the general health requirements set by the policies of this facility which include a physical assessment.
  4. Must be able to assist in the evacuation of residents during emergency situations.
  5. Must be able to push/pull, move, and /or lift a minimum of 10 pounds to a minimum height of 3 feet and be able to push, pull, move, and /or carry such a weight a minimum of 10 feet.
  6. Must be willing to perform tasks that may involve exposure to the resident’s blood/body fluids.